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The following sections are strictly purposed for informing the relevant and interested subject of the current proprietary investments, available private deals and standards for establishing official relations with keen and prudent investors.

CapB Public Portal


Prospects and potential of resource allocation over, and throughout, a diverse set of established markets, industries and economies


Financing, contracting and brokering investments, medium to large-sized, across an array of subject preferences


Building, fostering and maintaining professional, but healthy, relations with our clients, associates and investors

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Opportunity Is Always Sought After

Proprietary Investments

Paradigm shifts, transitory opportunities & risk preferences

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Portfolio Listing, Composition and Research

SWRCHF | Swiss-related Investments

SWRUSD | U.S Dollar-based Investments

SWRDEF | Deflation-hedged Investments

SWRBTC | Bitcoin-held Trust

YTM Performance





The noted investments must not be construed as financial advise

Private Deals

Real Estate projects, trade financing & business enablement

Real Estate

Sizable projects spanning multiple geographies, in need of serious and reputable capital

Investment Cap:
Starting from $300,000


Financing significant commercial operations, with embedded guarantees, across multiple industries

Investment Cap:
In excess of $100,000


Funding and starting-up various businesses, with prospects of solid streams of revenue and income

Investment Cap:
A minimum of $20,000

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Formal Relations

Guidelines, standards & track record

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Established Guidelines

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By seeking to forge, nurture and maintain some fruitful relations with our trusted clients, qualified associates and prudent investors, we have set to establish clear and honest guidelines in order to organize, navigate and facilitate business transactions, private deals and long-lasting ventures

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Solid Standards

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Honesty, prudence and diligence are what qualities we hope to find on both sides, buyer and seller, of a typical private deal or business transaction

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Responsible Track Record

By establishing a mutual sense of trustworthiness, we invite the relevant and interested subject to demonstrate, or prove, their track record in certain facets of investment or deal-making

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For any meaningful concern or interest, kindly refer to the Enlistment Form

About Us

A multifaceted, multipurpose and multinational investment office.

CapB is a privately-held enterprise that ventures into investment opportunities, hosts an online services-based platform, and sponsors its very own research initiative. For all that is deemed appropriate, we discover, promote and finance hopeful ventures that serve the interests of our clients, sponsors and associates

A large portion of our activities strictly pertain to matters of Investment Banking, Investment Research and Wealth & Asset Management.

All entities affiliated with CapB are within the scope of operation and administration of the privately-held firm. These include: Sovereign Wealth Reserve, BBTC and iO Banking Solutions.

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